Express Music Repairs

All guitar repairs are done by our onsite guitar technician.

Onsite Guitar Repair Prices

Restring a Standard Tremolo System, Hardtail and Acoustic Guitars £10
Restring a Floyd Rose or Floating tremolo system Guitar £15
Restring Nylon Guitar £10
Restring 12 String Guitar £16
Restring Mandolin £12
Set floyd Rose/Floating Tremolo System £10
Body and Fingerboard Cleaning £10
Frets Polished £10
Set Neck to Correct Relief £10
Set Intonation (must include a new set of strings) £10
Nut adjustments £10
General Service (includes Check pots/jack Sockets/Machine Heads/Pickup Height Adjustment) £20
Standard setup £40
Floyd Rose Standard setup £50

All of the prices above do not Include Prices of Strings or Parts. These prices are the cost of labour.

We offer other services not listed above pickup fitting, re wires and modications and these are charged at a labour cost of £35 pound an hour.

Our other repair services include:

  • Amplifiers
  • Guitar Re Frets and Finish

These repairs are carried out by off site engineers so please contact us for a quote.

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