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Update June 2020

Please note we are unable to take in repairs at present.

Onsite Guitar Repair Prices

Restring a Standard Tremolo System, Hardtail and Acoustic Guitars £10
Restring a Floyd Rose or Floating tremolo system Guitar £15
Restring Nylon Guitar £10
Restring 12 String Guitar £16
Restring Mandolin £12
Set floyd Rose/Floating Tremolo System £10
Body and Fingerboard Cleaning £10
Frets Polished £10
Set Neck to Correct Relief £10
Set Intonation (must include a new set of strings) £10
Nut adjustments £10
General Service (includes Check pots/jack Sockets/Machine Heads/Pickup Height Adjustment) £20
Standard setup £40
Floyd Rose Standard setup £50

All of the prices above do not Include Prices of Strings or Parts. These prices are the cost of labour only .

We offer other services not listed above pickup fitting, re wires and modications and these are charged at a labour cost of £35 pound an hour.

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