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Aquila Concert Ukulele Strings Set

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Aquila Concert Ukulele String Set

Aquila Concert Ukulele String Set

Until the mid-20th century Ukuleles were mounted exclusively in gut, a material that had been used for thousand of years and that combines excellent promptness of attack with brilliance of timbre - very different, in other words, from modern nylon strings. And until recently the typical sound quality of gut has been a constant point of reference for luthiers, composers and performers alike.

A fundamental aim of our research has therefore been to make a new synthetic product having the same acoustic properties as gut - but without its typical defects - (high cost, limited duration and high instability under varying climatic). The New Nylgut® has precisely these qualities: allowing one, on the one hand, to rediscover the sonorities familiar to the great 19th and 20th century Uke masters; and guaranteeing, on the other, a stability of tuning higher even than that of the best gut and nylon strings.

Just like gut, the New Nylgut® is liable to suffer from cutting edges. Before stringing the instrument do make sure the nut and bridge are free from sharp edges and the nut grooves not too deep and perfectly smooth.

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Product code:192989

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