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The Marshall DSL5C is one of the best selling Marshall combos. And now Marshall Amplification is pleased to announce the launch of the new DSL5CCCW in limited edition Country and Western crafted leather. This addition to the DSL range offers the distinct tone and versatility you would expect from any DSL amplifier, all wrapped up in a smaller 5 watt package.

As well as catering to all your sonic needs, the DSL5C boasts many other features making it an incredibly versatile amplifier for playing live, recording, rehearsing, practising and more!
Marshall DSL5 CCW Combo Features
Colour: Limited Edition Crafter Leather
Power: 5 / 1 Watts
Woofer Size: 10" Woofer
Amp Type: Valve / Tube Amplifier
Channels: 2 Channels
Audio Inputs: 1 X 6.3mm Jack
Audio Outputs: Headphone/emulated Line Out, Speaker Output
Other Connections: Footswitch Jack
Eq: 3-band
Effects: Tone Shift, Ultra Gain, Deep Switch
Footswitch: Included
Power Supply: Power Supply Included
Dimensions (W X H X D)
455 X 430 X 240mm
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