Supro Tri Tone Jet Black

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The Vistatone pickup has been interwoven into the history of music for decades. It inspired Gibson's famous "PAF" humbucker. It's got a huge, bright tone that works perfectly for rock music. And since its invention in the early '50s, it's had an army of legendary fans, including David Bowie, Link Wray, The Cure's Robert Smith, and Jack White to name just a handful.

There's a reason they're so popular. The Vistatone's massive sound ensures every note you hit gets heard fully and with complete clarity. Hum-cancelling properties reduces noise interference. And they work superbly well with effects pedals such as overdrive and fuzz. They really are the stuff of legend.

Definition and power in every note
The Tri Tone doesn't just sound huge. It's got a gigantic range and packs an almighty punch, too. How can it have such a textured sound though? Meet the Super Alnico bridge pickup. It's massively overwound, producing a superbly sharp midrange and high-end notes that will sing with complete clarity. So paired with the Vistatones in the neck and middle, the 1275JB has got an all-encompassing set of electronics that'll let you perform at your best - whatever it is you're playing.

Silky-smooth performance
Enjoy a wonderfully natural playing experience. The Supro Tri Tone has been tailored to provide sensational playability. Its satin neck finish is designed to deliver luxuriously smooth performance, never getting sticky with sweat or difficult to play. And the sleek pau ferro fingerboard feels amazing beneath your fingertips, making every note a joy. Soloing has never been this fun or effortless.

Play without limits
You can't be creative if you're restrained. So don't be. The Tri Tone's cutaway body gives you complete and uninhibited access to the very top of the fretboard - you needn't bridge over an awkward neck joint to hit notes at the top of the scale. Concentrate entirely on your music, without being held back.
Supro Tri Tone Jet Black Features
Model Name: Supro 1275JB Tri Tone Jet Black
Model Code: 1275JB
Body Material: Mahogany
Colour: Jet Black
Neck and Fingerboard
Neck Material: Maple
Fingerboard Material:Pau Ferro
Neck Finish: Black Satin
Neck Construction: Set Neck
Inlays: Acrylic Blocks
Scale Length: 24.75"
Hardware and Electronics
Neck Pickup: Brushed Gold Vistatone
Middle Pickup: Brushed Gold Vistatone
Bridge Pickup: Brushed Gold Super Alnico
Hardware Finish: Gold
Pickguard: White
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